Ocean Happy

Ocean Happy is an organization dedicated to removing plastic waste from the ocean.


Ocean Happy is an organization dedicated to removing plastic waste from the ocean. Through the sale of various products, Ocean Happy generates revenue to fund ocean clean-ups in Costa Rica.

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The Challenge

Ocean Happy had a vision, but they needed help to make it a reality. Lacking a website and merchandise, Ocean Happy was unable to raise the money they needed to buy equipment and hire staff for their clean-ups. That’s where Xicay Technologies came in.

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The Solution

Xicay Technologies worked with Ocean Happy to create a website with eCommerce functionality, generate a brand voice and distinct brand identity, and design merchandise.

What we did:

  1. Strategic discovery
  2. Web application design & optimization
  3. Mobile application design & optimization
  4. Landing page design & optimization
  5. Component-based UI-kit
  6. eCommerce platform development
  7. Video production
  8. Desktop/mobile development CMS development using
  9. Order logistic automation utilizing a Print partner’s API
  10. Website maintenance
  11. Marketing & merchandise design
  12. Content writing & brand development
  13. Content writing & brand development
Product Design

We also helped Ocean Happy to conceptualize and design merchandise for their online shop. Our objective was to incorporate the language of their mission with the visual aesthetic of their site, resulting in designs that were as fun as they were impactful.




Design, development, branding, merchandising, video production


eCommerce website

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