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As a team of brand strategists, developers, and designers, we are your ideal social media partners! We know what it takes to inspire audiences into profitable action through leading platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google. Connect with us now to learn how we can exceed your industry’s average conversion rates together.


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4 Point Targeting Method

Our secret sauce involves a revolutionary four-point targeting method that enables businesses to tap the ideal market. With our targeting strategy, you won’t have to waste your budget on consumers who are not interested in your products or services.

Custom Audience

Custom Audience

When it comes to advertising, a one-size-fits-all approach is not effective. We work with each client to create tailored solutions, so you can reach and deliver ads to your ideal customer, leading to a higher return on investment (ROI)


We don’t just target clients based on demographics. We use data and analytics to find the most compatible market, based on behaviors, interests, job titles, and much more. Save time and money and connect with customers who will love your product!


Track your visitors’ interactions on your website, and pursue them through remarketing to generate more conversations. This process leads to a more personalized experience. You can trust us to maintain and grow your audience through proven, data-driven methods.


We use lookalike audiences to reach new consumers similar to your loyal clients. In other words, we typify your key audience, and effectively replicate their characteristics in your future targets. Reach people who will love your product and save time and money!


If you sell your product online, you know how critical advertising is in leading people to your website. But what if they aren’t ready to buy on their first visit?

Retargeting campaigns remind your audience of your products and services when they leave without buying. After they visit your pages, you can retarget them through visual or text ads as they visit other sites.

We create retargeting campaigns through Google Ads, Facebook Retargeting, LinkedIn Ads and other advertising platforms. Retargeting is an essential marketing tool to connect with your audience, increase sales and customer loyalty.

97% of your potential customers don’t buy on their first visit to your site, and after they leave they are lost. Unless you bring them back!

How Retargeting Works

Our retargeting ads use the Google Display Network to reach more than 90% of internet audience, in more than 2 million sites, through display ads.

Someone visits your website, checks out your products and what you offer.

Later, they will see ads for your page as they visit other sites.

You’ve caught their eye! Now they’ll come back to your site ready to buy.

Social Media Designs That Impress

We create innovative and eye-catching designs and motion animations. Stand out and connect with your audience with great engaging content.


Your ads will appear on the most popular digital platforms, social channels, mobile apps, and websites. Reach your audience where they spend more scrolling time, and turn connections into profit.
The platforms we work through capture 95% of all digital usage worldwide.
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Connect with your audience through Facebook advertising. We harness the broad reach of the largest social network, and make it count for your business.

2.7 billion active monthly users worldwide.

platforms messenger bot


Messenger Bot

Facebook Messenger ads use bot technology to engage with audiences and capture leads. Create an audience of engaged customers through call-to-action strategies and personalized interactions

25 billion personal and professional messages sent monthly.

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Instagram consumers make marketers’ dreams come true — they engage, share, and purchase more than the typical social media user. Harness the potential of this platform and get your name out there through effective messaging and targeting!

The average Instagram user scrolls the length of the Statue of Liberty daily.

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Reach a professional audience through LinkedIn ads, which you can segment through industry-specific variables. We specialize in LinkedIn sponsored ads and message ads. We engage with more prospects through targeted chatbot technology, and seamlessly grow your audience.

90 million LinkedIn users are senior-level professionals, while 63 million are decision-makers.

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Google Search

We apply a No-Waste approach in our Google Search campaigns, through relevant keyword and bidding strategies. Say goodbye to wasted ad dollars, and trust our tried and tested method on the largest web platform!

3.5 billion searches happen on Google daily.

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Display & Audience Network

Extend your reach beyond social media platforms through display and audience networks. Run your ads on millions of partner websites, videos, and apps, gain new audiences and engaged clients.

Display Network sites reach over 90% of internet users worldwide.


View detailed reports and analytics with our exclusive reporting tools. Access real-time campaign performance anytime and see the results!

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We’ve simplified our paid social media sign-ups through a flat pricing structure and a reduced four-month commitment with no setup fees. Join us and start running your campaigns in as little as 14 days

All packages include:

Complete Set-up Audience development Media spend Real-time Reporting Dashboard Dedicated Account Management Team


  • 3 Static Ad Designs
  • 1 Motion Custom Ad Design
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • cool

  • Everything from ‘SIMPLE’
  • Messenger Bot Campaign
  • Additional Lead Volume
  • epic

  • Everything from ‘COOL’
  • Google PPC Keyword Managed Campaign
  • Additional Lead Volume
  • everything

  • Everything from ‘EPIC’
  • LinkedIn
  • 2 Aditional Designs
  • Additional Lead Volume
  • Transform Your Digital Presence

    Our brand strategists, developers, and designers will be with you every step of the way.


    Xicay is like an extension of our team! They genuinely care about the projects they are tasked with and their team delivers high quality results that make our collective vision come to life. They work lightning fast and adhere to project timelines. I’d absolutely recommend anyone looking for a website redesign or information architecture to work with Xicay Tech!

    Michelle Cordero

    Xicay Inc. has been an amazing partner for building tech products at our organization. They are extremely talented at all levels of the process from design and engineering to product management and support. They provide you time to focus on the business and leave the tech to the experts


    Xicay Inc. is 100% Outstanding! They worked closely with the botkeeper team to build a sleek, clean, and fast new site, representative of the next phase of our business.

    Enrico Palmerino

    Working with Xicay Inc. has been great! The communication is streamlined and prompt. The quality of the work is outstanding. I feel like I could ask these guys anything and they will deliver and exceed expectations.

    David Kozhuk

    Xicay Inc. has been an invaluable partner for VUI. Xavier and his team have worked tirelessly to deliver a polished, professional image of our company, and we look forward to continued collaboration.

    Phil Frank

    Xicay Inc. was instrumental in helping Mi-Si completely overhaul its website – with far improved user experience and access to relevant information. All within project parameters, time and cost! I highly recommend this team – they will do whatever it takes to make it happen for you.


    Xavier and his team are exceptional, they have added value from a creative and implementation standpoint. They took a job that could take many months and delivered in a fraction of the time. They are extremely creative, smart and most of all, super fast – which is why I recommend Xicay Inc. to my network

    Noah Coughlin

    Working with Xicay Inc. was an outstanding experience. Their team works with impressive speed without sacrificing quality. They were able to quickly build us a sleek and modern website that perfectly represented our brand. We highly recommend their services.

    Christopher Lee, CPA

    Xavier and team are a blast to work with. Smart and hardworking they delivered amazing results for us quickly and better than our specs! Would absolutely recommend them.

    David Brown

    Xicay was exactly the partner we needed to build and deploy our Android and iOS Apps for our Machine Vision algorithms. They helped translate our vision into a reality, and most importantly they felt invested in our success. Everyone we worked with at Xicay Tech was consistently sophisticated, competent, and mission-driven – they are perfect partners!

    Darin O. Bellisario

    Xavier and his team at Xicay Tech far exceeded our expectations. The Xicay Tech team took the time to understand our business and client-base so they could build us the perfect site. Xavier’s knowledge and passion is unmatched, and it makes him a pleasure to work with. If you need a development firm, look no further— you will have the best with Xicay Inc.

    J.R. Faris

    Creating a website that truly encompasses your brand and vision can be hard, but Xavier and his team make it easy with great customer service, patience, and exceptional skill. They’ll take all of your ideas and wish list and create something of value that ticks all the boxes.

    Patricia Duffy Fiske
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