Plus58 Mining

Plus 58 Mining is an open-source cryptocurrency mining platform uniting users around the world


Based in Venezuela, Plus58 Mining is a cryptocurrency pool mining platform that allows users from around the world to mine a variety of different digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Loki, and Monero. By providing an opportunity to invest in currency controlled by users, not institutions, Plus58 Mining hopes to increase the financial security and independence of people worldwide.

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The Challenge

Someone once said that cryptocurrency is “everything you don’t know in mathematics, combined with everything you don’t know about computers.” Plus58 Mining wanted to change that. Their goal was to create an open-source platform accessible to miners of every skill level, from beginners to seasoned pros.

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The Solution

Xicay Technologies worked with Plus58 Mining to create a secure, easy-to-use mining platform with API integration and advanced statistical modeling tools allowing users to track currency rates, transaction data, transaction volumes, buy/sell rates, and general crypto trends in real time. Our team of software engineers and designers built an entirely new platform for Plus58 Mining, assisting them in everything from front-end development to design, content, and branding.

What we did:

  1. Front-end development
  2. Blockchain programming
  3. API integration with CoinGecko
  4. Custom API development
  5. Statistical modeling software development
  6. Creation of real-time dashboard with price graphs, sales volume, and buy/sell data
  7. UI & UX design
  8. Content creation & branding



Design, development, API integration, content


Cryptocurrency mining platform

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