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Whether your include temporary or permanent help, we will help you find qualified candidates to help your business grow.

What We Offer
We find talented, diverse staff to fit your company's needs with an extensive interviewing and hiring process. Xicay specializes in finding talented staff from a variety of fields, including:
  • Creative & Marketing
  • Technology/IT
  • UI/UX Product Design
  • Illustration & Animation
  • Video & Photography
Direct and Contract Hire:
Based on your specific needs, Xicay can provide you with direct-hire or contracted employees.
Direct Hire
Full-time staff is located and brought on indefinitely to be part of your team. Secure yourself for the long term by bringing full-time employees on to your local/remote workforce.
Contract Hire
Do you need temporary staff to assist with a big project? We can set you up with skillful and flexible contract employees to help you get the job done!
Offshore Outstaffing
Looking for International Talent?
It can be can costly to find talent in the United States. Xicay can help find highly skilled individuals overseas at cheaper rates. Don’t let that discourage you from seeking out the best talent out there. Xicay has extensive experience working in Eastern Europe, which allows us to search high and low for the best candidate at affordable rates.
Team Augmentation
Reach a whole new level of efficiency using Xicay’s team building services and get the dream team you desire!
Whether you are looking to hire in the United States or overseas, Xicay will seek out the best candidates for your project and bring them directly to you.
Team Assembly
With our deep technological expertise, Xicay can assemble an entire team of highly skilled individuals that is tailored specifically to your needs.
Feel safe about newly acquired talent with thorough background checks, and signed contracts that protect your company’s confidential information.
Cost effective
Don’t let money stand in the way of a good team! Hiring overseas can be cost effective, and Xicay’s global network can help you find great talent at affordable rates!
Our Process
Grow your company without the hassle of the extensive hiring process. Whether you’re looking for direct-hires or contract workers, we employ a tried and true process that ensures we bring you the best and most qualified candidates to your team. Let us help you transform recruiting into a seamless and painless process. To the right, you’ll find our six-step process designed to deliver you the best candidates for the job. Reach out to Xicay Recruiting and start your search today!
  • Search and recruit candidates
  • Test Project Submission
  • One-on-one interview
  • Background check
  • Contract signing
  • Onboarding
Xicay Recruiting’s Price Overview
Staffing and Outsourcing
Recurring Service Fee:
You pay an hourly rate per developer. Xicay will handle the recruiting, office space, and staff payment for you.
One-Time Recruiting Fee:
You pay a one-time fee per developer. Xicay will handle recruiting and office space, but you are responsible for paying staff directly.

Areas of Recruitment

Explore our talent

Based on your business and technical needs, Xicay will seek out the exactly right type of workers you are looking for.

Find specialists in many different areas, including:

  • Graphic Design
  • Maintenance & Growth
  • Digital Marketing
  • Product Management
  • Writing
  • Content Strategy
  • Animation
  • Research & Discovery
  • Programming
  • Prototyping & Interactions
  • UI/UX Design
  • Front-End Development
Temp to Perm Employees
If you’re looking to hire employees on a temporary or contractual basis, Xicay has options for you!
Hiring on a contract basis allows you the flexibility to utilize high quality talent without having to make an immediate long term commitment. Clients will pay Xicay an hourly rate, and we will pay the employee directly.
Temp to Perm
If you are well pleased with the performance of a temporary employee, and want to bring them on full-time to your company, Xicay can help facilitate that process upon payment of a one-time transfer fee.

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Launch products, design software, or expand your business with specialists from Xicay Recruiting.


“Xicay technologies has been an amazing partner for building tech products at our organization. They are extremely talented at all levels of the process from design and engineering to product management and support. They provide you time to focus on the business and leave the tech to the experts”


“Xavier and his team are exceptional, they have added value from a creative and implementation standpoint. They took a job that could take many months and delivered in a fraction of the time. They are extremely creative, smart and most of all, super fast – which is why I recommend Xicay Technologies to my network”

Noah Coughlin

“Xicay Tech is 100% Outstanding! They worked closely with the botkeeper team to build a sleek, clean, and fast new site, representative of the next phase of our business.”

Enrico Palmerino

“Xicay Technologies has been an invaluable partner for VUI. Xavier and his team have worked tirelessly to deliver a polished, professional image of our company, and we look forward to continued collaboration.”

Phil Frank

“Working with Xicay Tech has been great! The communication is streamlined and prompt. The quality of the work is outstanding. I feel like I could ask these guys anything and they will deliver and exceed expectations.”

David Kozhuk

“Xavier and team are a blast to work with. Smart and hardworking they delivered amazing results for us quickly and better than our specs! Would absolutely recommend them.”

David Brown

“Xicay Technologies was instrumental in helping Mi-Si completely overhaul its website – with far improved user experience and access to relevant information. All within project parameters, time and cost! I highly recommend this team – they will do whatever it takes to make it happen for you.”


“Working with Xicay Technologies was an outstanding experience. Their team works with impressive speed without sacrificing quality. They were able to quickly build us a sleek and modern website that perfectly represented our brand. We highly recommend their services.”

Christopher Lee, CPA

Xicay was exactly the partner we needed to build and deploy our Android and iOS Apps for our Machine Vision algorithms. They helped translate our vision into a reality, and most importantly they felt invested in our success. Everyone we worked with at Xicay Tech was consistently sophisticated, competent, and mission-driven – they are perfect partners!

Darin O. Bellisario
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