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Motion Recruitment Partners provides recruitment solutions to
businesses all over America.


Motion Recruitment Partners and their affiliated companies, Jobspring Partners, WorkBridge Associates, and the MDI Group, provide recruitment solutions to businesses all over America. Specializing in IT staffing, Motion Recruitment leads the talent industry in contract and permanent hiring, domestic recruiting, and global outsourcing.

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The Challenge

Motion Recruitment and their affiliated companies needed to update their employee portals to adhere to ADA guidelines. Not knowing where to start, they called Xicay Technologies in search of assistance

The Solution

We partnered with Motion Recruitment, Jobspring, WorkBridge, and MDI Group to create ADA-compliant websites. With our help, each company was able to comply to all 38 ADA accessibility requirements, including color contrast ratios, text scalability, keyboard-only navigation, and layout consistency.

What we did:

  1. Cleaned HTML code to remove all error pages and broken links
  2. Adjusted color contrast ratio to meet the ADA requirement of 4.5:1
  3. Standardized web layout
  4. Eliminated pop-ups
  5. Optimized websites to include keyboard-only functionality
  6. Created nested headings
  7. Standardized labels and buttons



Development, ADA Compliance


ADA-Compliant Website

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